Lead Author:
Rolando Barajas
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Type of submission:
Conference Poster
The Flint Center for Health Equity Solutions (FCHES) works with the Flint community to identify and resolve health inequity. A needs and assets assessment based on CDC metrics identified that Flint’s two strongest population health data sources capture only ~50% the data needed.

In response, the Flint Area Study (FASt)
– A longitudinal multi- and inter-generational study of risk and resilience.
– Designed to serve as a comprehensive data resource that will inform local policy and interventions.
– Will measure the epigenetic and behavioral impact of physical- and social-environmental exposures.

Phase 1 Goal: Generate the sampling frame for 400 Flint households (350 citywide + 50 oversample in North Flint), for a total of approximately 1,000 residents.