Flint Area Study

Mieka Smart, Jordan Johnson, Samantha Cardenas

We are developing a resource of comprehensive public health data. Our resource will include information about environmental exposures, physical measures, biological samples, and behavioral survey responses. Longitudinal cohort studies in other areas of the nation have laid the groundwork for us to understand how biology, the environment, and public health policy interact. However, for comprehensive understanding of these interactions and their subsequent long-term consequences, diverse longitudinal cohorts are required. Flint is special because it is both diverse and relatively geographically insulated.

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The Flint Area Study will use the strengths of traditional location-based longitudinal cohort studies by collecting baseline measures for a longitudinal study of inter- and multi-generational transmission of risk and resilience in Flint. Building comprehensive longitudinal epigenetic data with a diverse cohort will provide a critical resource needed for research around ensuring equitable public health solutions and monitoring the long-term consequences of multiple environmental exposures, including prolonged exposure to toxic levels of lead during the Flint Water Crisis.

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The Flint Area Study is an exciting project that will represent collaboration from every corner of Flint. Households that participate will be a part of a scientific endeavor that will benefit current and future generations. Over three stages, we will find out where residents who might be interested are located, what kinds of positive or negative environmental conditions exist, and what the overall public health status is in Flint.

Our Commitments

  • Collecting excellent data
  • Collaborating with Flint residents and researchers
  • Contributing to a culture of excitement about the Future of Flint
Back from L to R: Mieka Smart, Ivory Miller, Gregory Kelly, Jordan Johnson, Aaron Neeley, Dewayne Smart | Front from L to R: Jessica Gutierrez, Lillian Boufakhreddine, Maeko McGovern, Samantha Cardenas, Shawana Henderson, Mildred Zucarro

Key Personnel

Academic Collaborators

  • Julia Felton (Psychometrics)
  • Kelly Bakulski (Epigenetic Methodology)
  • Alison Bernstein (Epigenetic Analysis)

Project Coordinator


GIS Analysis

Alan Harris

Data Analyst

Zac Buchalski

Research Assistants

  • Rolando Barajas
  • Lillian Boufakhreddine
  • Danielle Green
  • Jessica Gutierrez
  • Shawana Henderson
  • Jordan Johnson
  • Gregory Kelly
  • Ivory Miller
  • Aaron Neeley
  • Mildred Zucarro

2018 Health Equity Research Summer Scholar

Maeko McGovern

Brand Consultant

Emily Tyner

Join Us!

You can be a part of a scientific endeavor that will benefit current and future generations. Interested to learn more? Please contact us!

Email: FAST@hc.msu.edu or FlintAreaStudy@hc.msu.edu

Phone: 1-810-600-5682